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A former United Airlines Pilot speaks out: Boeing 737 Max

Juergen Steinmetz- February 13, 2024

Meet Mr. Daniel Bubb, a Professor at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, aviation expert, and a former pilot for United Airlines. Daniel will ... Read More

Is it still safe to fly on a Boeing plane?

Juergen Steinmetz- January 13, 2024

The Boeing Company (Boeing) had agreed with the U.S. Department of Justice to resolve a criminal charge related to a conspiracy to defraud the Federal ... Read More

The Ageless Traveler

Juergen Steinmetz- January 11, 2024

A Discussion by the World Tourism Network on the potential and challenges the ageless traveler has. Elderly travelers have special needs, but it's an important ... Read More

Thanksgiving Travel Tips: Know your Flyers Rights

Juergen Steinmetz- November 16, 2023

Paul Hudson, head of is providing some useful travel tips, if you plan to fly on a US airline over the upcoming Thanksgiving Holidays. ... Read More

The Maui Fires: A Global Threat to Travel and Tourism

Juergen Steinmetz- September 20, 2023

A panel of international experts in the field of travel, tourism, safety, security and marketing discuss wildfires and a new global threat to the travel ... Read More

Bali – The Journey at Heart

Juergen Steinmetz- June 4, 2023

Bali, also known as the Island of Gods, will be the venue for the upcoming World Tourism Network (WTN) summit entitled TIME 2023 from September ... Read More

UNWTO and World Tourism Day – The Incredible Story behind it

Juergen Steinmetz- May 4, 2023

The incredible story about the World Tourism Organization, UNWTO, and the man who put World Tourism Day into motion. Lucky George from Nigeria is the ... Read More

The Climate Friendly Travel Youth Summit

Juergen Steinmetz- May 2, 2023

Under the leadership of Professor Geoffrey Lipman, SunX Maltaa did its first Climate Friendly Travel Youth Sumit. World Tourism Network supported this important discussion. Read More

pre-launch of Time 2023, the World Tourism Network Global Think Tank

Juergen Steinmetz- February 23, 2023

The World Tourism Network today pre-launched TIME 2023, the first WTN Network think tank. The Hon. Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism & Creative Industries Indonesia ... Read More

Did World Tourism Network rebuild Tourism since 2020

Juergen Steinmetz- December 28, 2022

The World Tourism Network started the Rebuilding Travel Discussion in 2020, bringing travel and tourism professionals from around the world together on ZOOM during lockdown ... Read More

Tourism Awareness & Resilience at the Breaking News Show 30 Sep

Juergen Steinmetz- September 30, 2022

After Juergen Steinmetz and Dr. Peter Tarlow discuss a busy news day in the travel and tourism world, the Hon. Minister Bartlett from Jamaica presents ... Read More

World Tourism Day 2022 and Climate Change

Juergen Steinmetz- September 27, 2022

Professor Geoffrey Lipman and Juergen Steinmetz discuss today's celebration of World Tourism Day under the theme Rethinking Tourism. World Tourism Day is celebrated in Bali ... Read More

Successful Caribbean Tourism Organization – IATA Business Conference concluded

Juergen Steinmetz- September 15, 2022

This video summarizes the outcome of the Caribbean Tourism Organization business meeting with IATA in the Cayman Islands on September 11-15. A new chairman was ... Read More

SKAL World President Burcin Turkkan

Juergen Steinmetz- June 22, 2022

Burcin Turkkan, the current World President of SKAL International is joining today's Breaking News Show with Dr. Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz. Enjoy a live ... Read More

Hawaii Tourism is about to change drastically

Juergen Steinmetz- June 10, 2022

Ka Huina is now in charge of Tourism Promotions for the Hawaii Tourism Authority Tourism remains the largest money-making industry in the Aloha State - ... Read More

Strong Earth Youth Summit on Climate Friendly Travel

Juergen Steinmetz- May 1, 2022

Today the Breaking News Show in Cooperation with the World Tourism Network is featuring the second Strong Earth Youth Summit from SUN X Malta. The ... Read More

Haiti: What is next?

Juergen Steinmetz- August 18, 2021

Meet Daniel Ulysse, head of L’Asch, a New York-based organization directly involved with Baptist Churches all over Haiti in the current struggle to rebuild this ... Read More

Visit Britain opens to Tourism

admin- August 6, 2021

Meet Gavin Landry, Executive Vice President, The Americas for Visit Britain, and Tom Jenkins, CEO of the London-based European Tourism Organization (ETOA) Hear the latest on reopening inbound ... Read More