COVID-19 Trends in Hawaii today Sep 7, 2021

Juergen Steinmetz- September 8, 2021

Hawaii State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Kemble will discuss the latest COVID trends in Hawaii and answer questions. Breaking News Show eTurboNews 07 Sep 2021 Read More

Peace Through Tourism In Iran

Juergen Steinmetz- September 6, 2021

Fabio Carbone is the head of the Iran Chapter for the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism. He is a guest on today's Breaking News ... Read More

Breaking News Show Sep 05, 2021

Juergen Steinmetz- September 6, 2021

Where is tourism taking us going through another peak of COVID-19 with Juergen Steinmetz and Dr. Peter Tarlow from eTurboNews | Breaking News Show. Read More

Resilience in Tourism during Crisis

Juergen Steinmetz- August 27, 2021

Breaking News Show Thursday, 26 August 2021 with Dr. Peter Tarlow, Juergen Steinmetz & Guests Read More

Breaking News Show East 22/23 Aug 2021

Juergen Steinmetz- August 23, 2021

Meet Dr. Peter Tarlow, and Juergen Steinmetz in this eTurboNews Travel and Tourism Conversation with guests from Malaysia, Thailand, Venezuela and Quebec, Canada. Followed by ... Read More

The new type of COVID-19 Testing

Juergen Steinmetz- August 19, 2021

Today in the Breaking News Show, Lisa Wilson, CEP of the Epitome Risk team introduced a new type of testing you only need twice a ... Read More

Haiti: What is next?

Juergen Steinmetz- August 18, 2021

Meet Daniel Ulysse, head of L’Asch, a New York-based organization directly involved with Baptist Churches all over Haiti in the current struggle to rebuild this ... Read More

Taliban taking Afghanistan, Earthquake in Haiti, and COVID situation in Indonesia

Juergen Steinmetz- August 16, 2021

Breaking News East Show 15/16 August 2021 Today Taliban took over Afghanistan, Haiti was hit with a massive 7.2 earthquake and the tourism industry is ... Read More

Is the Delta Variant destroying Tourism again?

Juergen Steinmetz- August 7, 2021

Breaking News Show 07 August 2021 Dr. Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz discuss the implementation of the Delta variant of COVID-19 hitting travel and tourism ... Read More

Visit Britain opens to Tourism

admin- August 6, 2021

Meet Gavin Landry, Executive Vice President, The Americas for Visit Britain, and Tom Jenkins, CEO of the London-based European Tourism Organization (ETOA) Hear the latest on reopening inbound ... Read More