Sott MacLennan, eTN Nepal speaks with Robin Bousted on the Social Impact of Tourism.

The Social Impact of Tourism

Scott MacLennan, eTN Nepal speaks with Robin Bousted on the Social Impact of Tourism.

An accomplished tourism and agriculture consultancy professional with 13+ years of experience in sustainable business development, strategic marketing, multi-stakeholder project/tender negotiations, and cross-cultural management. He has a proven track record of exceeding project objectives through organizational performance enhancement, improved business strategies, project/business acquisitions, innovative marketing campaigns, and embedded development program design.
After 17-years as a travel business owner, Robin’s consulting career began in 2010, focussing on national planning and implementation strategies in the tourism sector. In 2017, the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Netherlands Government contracted him to complete a comprehensive study of Nepal’s economy to identify ethical investment and key intervention opportunities. His various roles have developed his skills in driving organizational change, executing brand/product launches and cross-border growth strategies, the design and implementation impact-driven interventions, and integrating of public sector programs with private sector investment. In addition, he currently coaches over 80 travel businesses throughout South Asia to become more sustainable, advises a Switch Asia Sustainable Consumption and Production project in Bhutan, and continues to promote responsible adventure tourism throughout the Himalayas through the Great Himalaya Trail.

Key Achievements:
• Sustainable Consumption and Production expert in the South Asian tourism sector: deep knowledge through 30-years of entrepreneurship and institutional consulting.
• Highly developed negotiation skills: initiated and liaison for a National Pride project between the Governments of Nepal and The Netherlands
• Conducted the first comprehensive study of Nepal’s economy to identify ethical investment opportunities and potential development interventions for the Government of the Netherlands.
• Developed a comprehensive social impact of a tourism assessment system based on the quality of life and liveable environment criteria.
• Designed and coordinated Nepal’s post-earthquake tourism recovery and digital marketing strategies.
• Created Asia’s first long-distance adventure tourism product – the Great Himalaya Trail.

Deep Knowledge Areas:
• Sustainable Business Development.
• Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Strategies.
• Complex Economic System Analysis.
• International Strategic Marketing.
• Public Affairs and Diplomacy.
• Organisational Strategy & Change Management.
• Intercultural Leadership, Mentoring, Training & Development.

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