Kyiv Airportm live report followed by the Untold African Story

Kyiv Airport retaken & an Untold African Stories

Antonov airport, located in the city of Hostomel and some 15 miles northwest of the capital Kyiv, was the first position in Ukraine occupied by the Russian army when it invaded the country on February 24, 2022. But last week, more than a month after Russia launched a war on its neighbor, the Ukrainian army retook the airport in both a military victory and a symbolic victory for Ukraine. 


Untold African Stories is a documentary film & photography project series that captures historical tribes in Africa whose footprints are almost marginalized and faced out.

The Initiative is aimed at connecting the African dots and bringing back the African culture by telling untold African stories. 

The project seeks to capture and preserve in a respectful way our unique African cultures, practices, and ways of life from country to country through the Art of Film & Photography.The project will see our team travel and live with these tribes and share in their culture and essentially their ways of life through; Beauty and skincare ritualsTraditional music and artsGastronomy and food cultureHealth and herbal medicineCommunity building & chieftaincyMarriage & family relations.

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