Swiss Space Tourism Russian Style

Boris OTTER, President, and Founder of Swiss Space Tourism is our guest on the Breaking News Show on July 13, 2022. Host Juergen Steinmetz asks Boris about his initiative to bring 5 Swiss tourists into space.

Having been trained in Russia in Space tourism, and having flown zero-gravity flights as a pilot in Switzerland, Boris is well informed about the limits, dangers, and rewards of Space tourism.

Comparing options in Russia, France, or the United States, Boris is convinced Russia is leading this niche tourism sector.

Rolex should provide this trip as an incentive to its best clients. The cost? It’s not clear, but his best indication is less than 8 Million Dollars for a trip for 6.

The duration of his space trip? Perhaps 2 hours with an amazing 5 minutes out of space experience.
Is it dangerous: Listen to Boris.

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