Is Living in Space Closer than we think?

Meet Tim Chrisman.

The financial obstacles facing a systematic creation of infrastructure in space

Opportunities for economic growth in space-based projects.

How close are we to sustainable living in space

Tim Chrisman is the founder and executive director of the Foundation for The Future. A former Army officer who spent nearly a decade leading intelligence teams in combat and special operations units through five deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. After his military service, he was selected to be a special advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff before joining the Central Intelligence Agency. He held multiple assignments at the Agency, including with the Directorate of Operations and Directorate of Analysis, culminating in a role supporting the National Space Council.

The Foundation for the Future is pioneering America’s success in space through visionary space transportation and infrastructure projects. The Foundation for the Future is leading the advance of the United States’ space infrastructure development by unifying civil space agency and federal policy objectives and by connecting a community of supporters and companies to the vast opportunities space infrastructure development provides.

The Foundation educates various sectors on visionary economic and developmental projects, including but not limited to federal spaceport authority options, advanced space access technologies, novel financing of space programs, and benefits of infrastructure applications in Earth orbit, cis-lunar space, and beyond. Audiences include elected officials, senior Congressional staff, US government officials, business leaders, academia, and space innovators.

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