Ron Yarif,

How to generate more revenue when operating a hotel?

Ron Yariv of Yariv Consulting is from Israel. He attended the recently concluded ITB travel trade show in Berlin. He caught up with eTN publisher Juergen Steinmetz and shared his experience on how to make independent hotels more profitable.

He said about his work:

I help startups, SMBs, and companies of all kinds grow their business in flexible, dynamic environments optimally suited to their precise needs.

I am specializing in unique international projects that combine co-working spaces with hotels to create a truly innovative, high-quality business experience. In these selected central locations, all members will benefit from exclusive hospitality services and amenities, with hotel guests also able to enjoy convenient access to co-working spaces.


I provide outstanding co-working and office space consulting to companies that want to enter the Co-Working industry as well as those companies that need consulting on opening or managing hotels.


My international experience in hotels brand, reshaping the business world through innovative, inspiring business ideas that draw on the very best aspects of maximizing the real estate space for hotels and Co-Working.

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