One Month after the Deadly Fire in Hawaii: Governor Green has a message

Hawaii Governor Josh Green is updating the People of Hawaii today, September 8 on the situation after the fire one month later. He announced Tourism will be reopening also in West Maui on October 8

Also today the Governor of Hawaii Josh Green gave an update on the current situation and an outlook on what he says will be a long road of recovery.

He assured the people of Maui, that the Aloha State will not tolerate attorneys flying in from the US mainland trying to talk to desperate locals to sell their properties.

He assured Lahaina would be rebuilt only the way the people of Lahaina wanted it.

Anyone attempting to solicit property is facing up to one year in jail. This was supported in the meeting today also by Anne E. Lopez, who is the Attorney General in the State of Hawaii.

The Governor gave an overview of how the State and the Federal Government are helping and thanked the “rock solid” response by US President Biden.

Governor Green will make his case heard at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in New York later this month.

Temporary housing in West Maui hotels for displaced locals will fade out by September 30, and be replaced with tourists again after October 8.

West Maui, including the popular resort area of Kaanapali, will be ready to welcome visitors again after October 8, when the emergency restrictions will be lifted.

The rest of the State had never been restricted for visitors.

Both the Federal Government and the State Government are making help and assistance available to businesses affected by the fires, including deferral of rent payments and sizable grants expected to reach 1.5 Billion Dollars.

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