Interview with Burcin Turkkan, SKAL World President

Juergen Steinmetz- November 24, 2022

A successful SKAL General Meeting was just concluded in Croatia. The meeting brought major changes to the structure and the future of the largest travel ... Read More

Tourism Panel on Climate Change: The Interview!

Juergen Steinmetz- November 24, 2022

Experts launched the ‘Foundation Framework’ for the first-of-its-kind Tourism Panel on Climate Change (TPCC) during COP27. The Tourism Panel on Climate Change represents a new ... Read More

Doing Business among friends at SKAL General Assembly

Juergen Steinmetz- October 17, 2022

Doing business among friends is what SKAL does best in the global world of travel and tourism. Enjoy scenes from the SKAL General Assembly 2022 ... Read More

Meet Donovan White, Director of Tourism Jamaica

Juergen Steinmetz- October 13, 2022

The Breaking News Show on October 12, 2022 is from the Mandalay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Donovan White, director of tourism for Jamaica, is ... Read More

Listen to a voice from Iran

Juergen Steinmetz- October 7, 2022

The Breaking News Show on October 7 is taking up the subject of peace through tourism at a time top leaders are getting ready to ... Read More

Tourism Awareness & Resilience at the Breaking News Show 30 Sep

Juergen Steinmetz- September 30, 2022

After Juergen Steinmetz and Dr. Peter Tarlow discuss a busy news day in the travel and tourism world, the Hon. Minister Bartlett from Jamaica presents ... Read More

SKAL International Congress Croatia

Juergen Steinmetz- September 28, 2022

Meet Katarina Hauptfeld, the organizer of the SKAL INTERNATIONAL Annual Conference in Croatia, October 13-18 in RIJEKA and OPATIJA. This may very well be the ... Read More

World Tourism Day 2022 and Climate Change

Juergen Steinmetz- September 27, 2022

Professor Geoffrey Lipman and Juergen Steinmetz discuss today's celebration of World Tourism Day under the theme Rethinking Tourism. World Tourism Day is celebrated in Bali ... Read More

CTO IATA Cayman Island Meeting

Juergen Steinmetz- September 17, 2022

The Breaking News Show for Saturday, Sep 17 analyzes the recently concluded Caribbean Tourism Organization Business Meeting with IATA. Juergen Steinmetz and Dr. Peter Tarlow ... Read More

Successful Caribbean Tourism Organization – IATA Business Conference concluded

Juergen Steinmetz- September 15, 2022

This video summarizes the outcome of the Caribbean Tourism Organization business meeting with IATA in the Cayman Islands on September 11-15. A new chairman was ... Read More

The Mall of Fame

Juergen Steinmetz- September 15, 2022

Meet Joseph Olugbenga Komolafe from Nigeria. He will be a speaker at the RESET Travel conference in London on September 16. He will tell you ... Read More

Reset Tourism with Harmony

Juergen Steinmetz- September 8, 2022

Meet. Professor Nicholas Paul Campion in the Breaking News Show on September 8. He is a speaker at the upcoming RESET TRAVEL summit in London ... Read More

Is Living in Space Closer than we think?

Juergen Steinmetz- August 11, 2022

Meet Tim Chrisman. The financial obstacles facing a systematic creation of infrastructure in space Opportunities for economic growth in space-based projects. How close are we ... Read More

Reset Hospitality Panel: Get to know Adam Maclennan

Juergen Steinmetz- August 11, 2022

Reset Tourism is getting ready for September 16 to its upcoming Summit at the Hyatt Churchill in London Celebrity participation by tourism leaders is expected. ... Read More

Nigerian Government Scams Emirates

Juergen Steinmetz- August 9, 2022

Today's Breaking News Show on August 9 examines a scam by governments to withhold ticket sales by international airlines, including Emirates. The largest economy involved ... Read More

Jamaica 60 ART Exhibition

Juergen Steinmetz- August 3, 2022

Dr. Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz discuss medical tourism and the global state of the travel and tourism industry. After the Breaking News Show, World ... Read More

Monkeypox and the Tourism Industry

Juergen Steinmetz- July 25, 2022

At the July 25, 2022 Breaking News Show, Dr. Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz are discussing Monkeypox and the danger to the global travel and ... Read More

The Breaking News Travel Show 17 July

Juergen Steinmetz- July 17, 2022

A Letter from Iran, the hot weather in Europe, and much more are on the agenda when Juergen Steinmetz and Dr. Peter Tarlow discuss the ... Read More

Swiss Space Tourism Russian Style

Juergen Steinmetz- July 13, 2022

Boris OTTER, President, and Founder of Swiss Space Tourism is our guest on the Breaking News Show on July 13, 2022. Host Juergen Steinmetz asks ... Read More

Fly from Manhattan to Boston Harbor by Seaplane

Juergen Steinmetz- July 12, 2022

This is the fastest way to travel between Manhattan and Boston. Meet PETER MANICE attending the Breaking News Show with Juergen Steinmetz and Dr.Peter Tarlow. ... Read More

SKAL Extraordinary General Assembly on Changes

Juergen Steinmetz- July 10, 2022

SKAL is getting ready to work for a more inclusive and better future for the organization, but there is not yet a complete unity in ... Read More

Breaking Travel News Show

Juergen Steinmetz- July 8, 2022

Dr. Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz discuss the latest in the world of travel and tourism. Today the discussion is on issues relevant on July ... Read More

Happy Birthday America

Juergen Steinmetz- July 4, 2022

Today, the United States and its citizens around the world are celebrating the 4th of July. It's America's birthday and part of the travel and ... Read More

Aviation Challenges & Putin’s Bloody Sculpture

Juergen Steinmetz- June 28, 2022

Dr. Peter Tarlow, Juergen Steinmetz, and Alain St. Ange discuss today's challenges in the aviation world. Compare the current shortage of staff at airlines in ... Read More

SKAL World President Burcin Turkkan

Juergen Steinmetz- June 22, 2022

Burcin Turkkan, the current World President of SKAL International is joining today's Breaking News Show with Dr. Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz. Enjoy a live ... Read More

Hawaii Tourism is about to change drastically

Juergen Steinmetz- June 10, 2022

Ka Huina is now in charge of Tourism Promotions for the Hawaii Tourism Authority Tourism remains the largest money-making industry in the Aloha State - ... Read More

Safe Afghanistan Tourism?

Juergen Steinmetz- June 7, 2022

In today's breaking news show Dr. Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz discuss global issues in the travel and tourism industry, including a report from Afghanistan ... Read More

World Environment Day and World Tourism; The Maurice Strong legacy continued by Prof. Geoffrey Lipman

Juergen Steinmetz- June 3, 2022

In the universe are billions of galaxies, In our galaxy are billions of planets, But there is Only One Earth. World Environmental Day will be ... Read More

Memorial Day and World Tourism

Juergen Steinmetz- June 1, 2022

Today, May 30 is Memorial Day. Juergen Steinmetz and Dr. Peter Tarlow discuss the global world of tourism on this important US holiday. Tourism is ... Read More

Air Taxis – avoid the traffic in busy tourist hotspots

Juergen Steinmetz- May 26, 2022

The Temple at Buddhanilkantha is a Hidden Gem of Nepal. Enjoy a tour by eTN Correspondence Scott MacLennan in Nepal. The Breaking News Show today ... Read More

The happiest SKAL International Club in the World is Helsinki, Finland

Juergen Steinmetz- May 23, 2022

Breaking News Show 22/23 May 2022: In today's breaking news show meet SKAL International Helsinki President Karl Halonen explaining more about the tourism Destination of ... Read More

The Green Men from Universe, Tourism, and Tipping

Juergen Steinmetz- May 18, 2022

In today's Breaking News Show Dr. Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz discuss The Green Men from Universe, out of Space Tourism, safety, and security. Also ... Read More

Breaking News Show 13 May 2022

Juergen Steinmetz- May 13, 2022

Juergen Steinmetz and Dr. Peter Tarlow discuss the current situation in global travel and tourism. From the closing of the Republic of Kiribati, COVID cases ... Read More

Space Tourism Security

Juergen Steinmetz- May 8, 2022

In today's Breaking News Show on May 8, 2022 Dr Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz discussed the need for space tourism security to prepare future ... Read More

SKAL International Jakarta: A love story by president Alistair Speirs

Juergen Steinmetz- May 6, 2022

Meet Alistair  Speirs, president of SKAL International Jakarta. Alistair lived in Indonesia for more than 40 years and loves not only Jakarta, Bali, and Lombok, ... Read More

Jamaica takes its Tourism Case to the United Nations after an agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Juergen Steinmetz- May 6, 2022

The signing took place at the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the UN, on the occasion of the UN High-Level Thematic ... Read More

SKAL Paris will be 90 in July – and you’re invited to the Party in Paris

Juergen Steinmetz- May 3, 2022 Skål International members are invited to attend the 90th-anniversary celebration of Skål International Paris club number 1! Mark down July 1-3, 2022 The club ... Read More

Strong Earth Youth Summit on Climate Friendly Travel

Juergen Steinmetz- May 1, 2022

Today the Breaking News Show in Cooperation with the World Tourism Network is featuring the second Strong Earth Youth Summit from SUN X Malta. The ... Read More

Coffee in Manila, SKAL in Panama and Canada – all in today’s Breaking News Show

Juergen Steinmetz- April 29, 2022

Honolulu, 30 April 2022: Sharlene Batin and Verna Covar- Buensuceso from the Philippine Tourism Board are taking us to the Manila Coffee Festival Opening today. ... Read More

Service with a Smile: Breaking News Show 26 April 2022

Juergen Steinmetz- April 26, 2022

Juergen Steinmetz is in Manila, and Dr. Peter Tarlow is in Texas discussing what makes headlines today in global travel and tourism. Juergen Steinmetz is ... Read More

This Weekend is For Peace Through Tourism

Juergen Steinmetz- April 15, 2022

Easter, Passover, Ramadan, and Songkran means Peace Through Tourism this weekend. With the world facing war, Dr. Peter Tarlow explains the connection between this holiday ... Read More

Russia says Thank You America for your Restrictions

Juergen Steinmetz- April 12, 2022

Today's breaking news show will feature a Russian propaganda message by the attractive Russian lady "Natasha" saying thank you to America for its sanctions. Do ... Read More

The Strong Earth Youth Summit

Juergen Steinmetz- April 9, 2022

Breaking News Show 09 April 2022 includes an update on today's breaking news discussed by Dr. Peter Tarlow and Juergen Steinmetz. Today's session includes the ... Read More

Kyiv Airport retaken & an Untold African Stories

Juergen Steinmetz- April 7, 2022

Antonov airport, located in the city of Hostomel and some 15 miles northwest of the capital Kyiv, was the first position in Ukraine occupied by ... Read More

Attacked in Mexico for his iPhone

Juergen Steinmetz- April 5, 2022

He didn't want to give up his iPhone when a violent gang attacked an American Tourist and eTurboNews reader when on holiday in Playa del ... Read More

The Social Impact of Tourism

Juergen Steinmetz- April 4, 2022

Scott MacLennan, eTN Nepal speaks with Robin Bousted on the Social Impact of Tourism. An accomplished tourism and agriculture consultancy professional with 13+ years of ... Read More

COVID-19 Trends in Hawaii today Sep 7, 2021

Juergen Steinmetz- September 8, 2021

Hawaii State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Kemble will discuss the latest COVID trends in Hawaii and answer questions. Breaking News Show eTurboNews 07 Sep 2021 Read More

Peace Through Tourism In Iran

Juergen Steinmetz- September 6, 2021

Fabio Carbone is the head of the Iran Chapter for the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism. He is a guest on today's Breaking News ... Read More